Where Is Michaele Salahi Now? The ‘RHODC’ Alum Married a C-List Celebrity

For $14.95, fans could tune into the pair’s wedding, which was broadcast from San Fran’s Palace of Fine Arts. Part of the proceeds went towards typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines. 

The newlyweds ended up making even more money off of the ceremony than initially anticipated thanks to a successful lawsuit filed by the couple in February 2015.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed to a $290,000 payout in response to Neal’s claim that the city unfairly increased its fees after learning that the event would be streamed on pay-per-view.

The singer revealed that he had been prepared to pay $58,000 for the use of the Palace of Fine Arts, a designated landmark, but was told just days before the wedding that the cost would instead be $240,000.

Despite a rather rocky start to their romance, Michaele and Neal are still going strong almost nine years later. In a recent Facebook post, the Bravo alum wrote, “Thankful for you Neal Schon, my love… Now more than ever during this time in support and outreach of music, funding, charity, food, clothes, shelter, gifts, we are a silent power of love together!!”

She added, “I want everyone to know all you do for so many and are always so humble! Thankful for who you are and your beautiful heart!!”

Neal replied with a message of his own, writing “Dreams Do Come True” alongside the hashtags “#inlovewithyou,” “#fromyourfirstsmile,” and “#thankfultogodforus.”

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