What the Actors Look Like Today

Like his childhood on-set playmate Louise, Danny Lloyd studied science and eventually became a biology teacher. Like the Burns twins, he didn’t get cast much after his breakthrough role, appearing on-screen just once more in a TV movie before returning to private life.

However, Danny, now 47, recently appeared on-screen in Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. His small cameo in the sequel to The Shining, directed by Mike Flanagan, was as a spectator at a baseball game who observes that Bradley (played by Jacob Tremblay) appears to be able to read the pitcher’s mind. Cute.

For the most part, though, he leads a normal life, and part of that might be due to the fact that, despite the subject matter of the film, Danny was very shielded from the scarier parts of the film. As filming went on, he became more aware that he wasn’t exactly making a romantic comedy, but he was kept away from set for the more horrific scenes. 

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