How Much Does David Dobrik Actually Make Per Video? We Have the Answers

“A year and a half ago, or two years ago, [my income] kind of got cut,” David told the outlet. “And now I get 200 million views, which is more than three times the amount I was getting before, but now my paycheck is under $2,000.”

But that doesn’t mean that he’s not still bringing home some big money. If you watch any of his videos, a lot of them are sponsored, and some of these sponsorships are enough to buy his friends lavish cars (think: Teslas, Mercedes, and even a Lamborghini).

David also has a podcast that he co-hosts with his friend Jason Nash that has some sponsorships of its own, as well as the occasional sponsored Instagram post. While he’s definitely not earning as much as he used to before YouTube tried to become more family-friendly, he’s definitely not struggling. 

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